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HK Cement industries Pvt. Ltd. has brought in most modern Green Field Eco Friendly Rotary Kiln Cement Plant enabling minimal and even less than permissible levels of emissions.



What is unique about HK Cement is that it is most eco friendly and environmentally clean project in the entire state.The infrastructure we have set up is making very much sure that no harm is caused to the beauty of Kashmir.



We desire to be the ambassadors of high quality cement production in India high regard for Kashmir’s fragile environment as well as public interest at large.



Today HRCC is acknowledged as one of the top companies in the state respected for its brilliant execution of work and infrastructural endowments. HRCC has launched a new project in the form of HK Cement.


Who We Are

HK Cement Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a Green Field Eco Friendly Cement Plant equipped with most advanced Japanese Rotary Kiln Technology. The company has installed a unique state-of-the-art manufacturing technology in order to maintain the globally acclaimed standards of cement.

HK Cement harbours a vision to make its plant the most proficient and well-organized cement plant in the entire state that is admired and valued both for its delivery and quality cement.




Upto 800 TPD Rotary Kiln Cement Plant

HK cement is a green field Rotary kiln cement plant with a production capacity of upto 800 Tons per day. HK cement being produced from the rotary kiln technology makes its quality stand apart from others. HK cement is equipped with the latest state of the art technology from Tohiyo Japan. HK cement has a fully automated plant with the LATEST testing Facilities for maintaining the quality.

Closed Circuit Cement Plant

In order to stop the emissions from the cement plant HK cement opted for the closed circuit system which allows us to recirculate the emissions of the combustion. This system allows us to filter out all the dust and gases before release to the atmosphere

Pollution Controlling Devices

One of the important and main feature of HK cements is the pollution controlling devices. HK cement has made a point to be trendsetter in pollution free industries. In order to realize that dream HK cement has installed Bag house filters at every transfer point and at places where the generation of dust is more. Further we have a Kiln Bag house which is one of the main pollution controlling device in a cement plant. To cater the Gases that are produced by the combustion HK cement has installed an electrostatic precipitator, thus making us the only cement plant in valley to take so much precautions to control the environmental pollution.

Online Pollution monitoring system

HK Cement is the only cement plant in valley which has got online pollution monitoring system. The online monitoring system enables department of environment check the emission levels in an industry.

Environmental cause

HK cements has taken an initiative to make the surrounding green and reduce the greenhouse effect in the surroundings. So HK cements has made sure that we plant at least 1000 trees each year and make a campaign for social forestry as well. We have a clean and green Kashmir as our agenda.

Employment & Social responsibilities

HK cement industries knows its responsibilities towards the society, so we have made sure we provide employment to the locals. HK cement industries has provided employment to at least 100 persons directly and about 1000 families indirectly. We at HKC know the unemployment ratio is getting higher in our state so HK cement acts as employment generator for youth.
Further HK cement industries also knows responsibility towards adjoining areas so we have provided them with ambulances because of the far flung nature from the hospitals. Further HK Cements helps the needy people in the area and provides them with monthly stipends so that they meet their ends. Further HK cements took up the repair of the roads in the village for the safe travel of commuters.


HK Cement harbours a vision to make its plant the most proficient and well-organized cement plant in the entire state that is admired and valued both for its delivery and quality cement.

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