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About HK Cement

HK Cement Industries Pvt. Ltd. is an asset of Hassan Road Construction Company Pvt. Ltd, a highly reputed company in construction business for decades. The Company carries out sophisticated civil engineering projects with a pashion and expertise that is at once inspirational and enviable. Today HRCC is acknowledged as one of the top companies in the state respected for its brilliant execution of work and infrastructural endowments. Encouraged by the past feats and prompted by a vision that our state should get a quality cement plant that is at par with the international standards without ever faulting on critical issues like environment and public health, HRCC launched a new project in the form of HK Cement

  • HK Cement Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a Green Field Cement Plant equipped with most Advanced Japanese Rotary Kiln Technology. The company has installed a unique state-of-the-art technology in order to maintain the globally acclaimed standards of cement. HK Cement harbors a vision to make its plant the most proficient and well-organized cement plant in the entire state that is admired and valued both for its delivery and quality cement. Not only is this company a trendsetter in controlling pollution levels but it aims to be the leader in the world of cement in the state.
  • HK Cement Industries Pvt. Ltd. has brought in most modern Green Field Rotary Kiln Cement Plant enabling minimal and even less than permissible levels of emissions. The Plant is a Closed Circuit Cement Plant fitted in with sophisticated pollution controlling device allowing far less emission levels than what is approved by the Government of India. The plant runs on the latest automation system that takes every care of quality material as well as emission levels. It would not be exaggeration to claim that we have the most environmental friendly cement plant in the entire state.

What is unique about HK Cement is that it is most eco-friendly and environmentally clean project in the entire state. The infrastructure we have set up is making very much sure that no harm is caused to the serene and picturesque beauty of Kashmir. On the other hand, our product would never fall short of public expectation as far as superiority of quality is concerned. We lay thrust upon the proficiency, efficiency, professionalism and the productivity of our service. We desire to be the ambassadors of high quality cement production in India that is in consonance with the high regard for Kashmir’s fragile environment as well as public interest at large. Actually, more than a business enterprise it is our intense love for the public service that carries us on and on. It was this spirit of public service that took HRCC to the summit of success upon which it sits today and God Willing, HK Cements would fly even higher.